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Bootstrap Design

Bootstrap doesn't have to look boring

ASP.NET Razor + Bootstrap

We frequently work with .NET developers on one-off line-of-business tools.

Bootstrap is still the industry standard UI toolkit (despite the burgeoning Tailwind), and while it used to be a bowl of bad-tasting div soup, it now embraces modern CSS features like grid and custom properties (variables), meaning a lot fewer tags and much simpler theming.

This project was an intranet ASP.NET Core MVC Application, and the client asked if we could design it up to be more presentable to their customers.

We kept most of their HTML and simply overrode the Bootstrap custom properties, making the colours softer and less, well, Bootstrap-y.

Got an ugly app?

We can make your Bootstrap app stand out from your competitors.

We’ll happily design and build the HTML skeleton and supply a complete custom-branded Bootstrap theme, or come in at the end and make your app look like it was designed by designers, not by developers.

A poorly style error modalA nicely style error modal
We will even make your errors look good