Case Studies

firefish branding

A new logo for

A stylised fish logo in a colourful orange gradient style

Firefish is an open-source social media platform in the fediverse.

They were rebranding with a new, funkier name and needed a new logo to match.

We had some constructive back and forth tweaking the colours to feel softer, and choosing a more friendly typeface, but overall it was a very quick and satisfying project.

A fish logo in a blueprint style
The final fish logo in a colourful orange gradient style


We wanted a clean, modern, geometric silhouette.

With a fiery gradient fill and round eyes, we added personality and depth.

The same logo, but animated with blinking eyes

As a fun little extra, the client asked if it was possible to animate the logo.

We are big fans of SVG animation and we were happy to oblige. You can insert CSS animations into SVG markup, which is performant and cheap.

We simply added some CSS @keyframe animations to scale the eye height and some opacity/translation to the bubbles and it worked great.

@keyframes blink {

  95%   { transform: scaleY(1); }

  97.5% { transform: scaleY(0); }

  100%  { transform: scaleY(1); }


Launch Video

To boost the launch we released a short, simple animation that was widely shared around the fediverse.

Logo Pack

We don’t just hand over a single image when we complete a logo.

We create a complete logo pack – in this case 50 files! With versions optimised for social media avatars, OG share cards, favicons, mono black and white versions in PNG and SVG, along with the Adobe Illustrator master .ai file and a Figma assets file.