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Astro & Vue

Lightning fast content-first websites

What is Astro?

Astro.js is a web framework for building blazing fast websites. Relatively new, but used by the likes of Google and The Guardian, it’s already making a big splash in the web dev space.

Although it has similarities to Nuxt, in that you can build websites with both and use Vue components as building blocks, it’s emphasis is on content-focussed websites rather than interactive applications.

Why we like it

The USP of Astro, is that it ships as little Javascript to the end user as possible, meaning faster page loads and less work for the browser to do.

Despite the lack of Javascript, it allows us to pull in your data from your API or CMS (like a headless Wordpress setup) so we get the best of all worlds – fast websites with live content.


You’re looking at one.

OK, we’ve only built a handful of astro websites so far, and we’ll add more examples sites soon, but the biggest astro site we’ve built so far is!

It’s a good demonstration that low-js sites don’t mean no-js sites, so we can bundle in 3D, animations and bits of interactivity using plain js or even the same Vue components that we would use in Nuxt sites